Full-Stack Developer & Tech Leader
in Birmingham, Alabama

Will Blackburn: Technical Executive, Full-Stack Web Developer, & Mobile Developer

With over 10 years of development & management experience, Will views software development from an organizational approach. Interested in making a large impact in small businesses, Will has experience in multiple areas of business building and product development.

Will has developed and overseen the launch and management of various web & mobile applications. As a technical executive, he has learned the importance of communication and delivery between an organization's teams.

Will Blackburn


I have been building websites & applications for over 8 years. I am lucky to love what I do.

At The University of Alabama, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science along with a minor in General Business, selecting paths that would enable the greatest amount of impact once out of school.

Out of school, I immediately got to work leading development on various mobile iOS & web applications.

Now as the CTO of NXTsoft, we build products that help companies manage & lower their risk in various fields.

At ThreatAdvice, we are helping companies educate and spread awareness in the area of cybersecurity.


From Will.